Russell Silver Syndrome Podcast - Episode 011 - When We Were Diagnosed

Episode 011: When were we diagnosed

Content Warning: Medical diagnosis, related trauma, family difficulties

This episode is a very emotional one to listen to, and it was to record.

These three Russell Silver Syndrome (RSS) women showed so much grace, courage and honesty as they discuss their very personal experiences of not knowing about having a form of dwarfism until later in life and the impact that this has had on them.

Episode 11 Guests; Eve Berman (top, left) & Annabelle De Raeymaeker (bottom screen), missing from this screen shot is Clare Halstead.

Our Guests

  • Annabelle De Raeymaeker
  • Eve Berman
  • Clare Halstead

    Guest – Annabelle De Raeymaeker
Russell Silver Syndrome Podcast - Episode 011 - Guest - Eve Berman
Guest – Eve Berman
Russell Silver Syndrome Podcast - Episode 011 - Guest - Clare Halstead
Guest – Clare Halstead


  1. Maria Fernández de la Vega says:

    A huge BRAVO for those marvelous guests!

    I loved this episode and the previous ones! All of them are very helpful for a mum with a wonderful angel with RSS like me!

    Definitely, I agree with Annabelle, Eve and Claire.
    The parents should tell their kids the truth and treat this issue with a lot of love and naturalness. In this word, all of us are different!

    In my case, I am blessed and fortunate to have my daughter in my life.

    Thank you so much!

    • Maria thank you so much for your comment and support. You are very welcome and please keep an ‘eye’ on our social media accounts and website for updates regarding series/season 2 in due course, Kim

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Your positive support is appreciated. Series/Season 2 is in the planning stage so keep an ‘eye’ on our social media and website for further updates in due course. Kim

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