Russell Silver Syndrome Podcast - Episode 000 - Introduction to the Podcast

Episode 000: Introduction to the Russell Silver Syndrome podcast

The Russell Silver Syndrome Podcast is the brainchild of Kirkwall resident, Kim Taylor. The podcast focuses on one of the more rare types of Dwarfism, medically known as Russell Silver Syndrome or Silver Russell Syndrome – or simply known as RSS.

Kim runs an international online support group for people with RSS, joined forces with fellow group member, and creative practitioner, Steph Robson, who also has the syndrome, to get the project off the ground.

The first series of the podcast covers a range of topics that gets to the heart of the challenges and issues that people, from across the globe, with Russell Silver Syndrome, face daily.

So whether they have the syndrome, are a parent or family member of someone with the syndrome, or have an interest in learning about RSS, you can discover how they navigate through life as they share the community’s diverse perspectives.

From finding love to being diagnosed, the podcast aims to provide support and signposting to members of the RSS community. To find out how with determination, strength and the ability to adapt as they live day-to-day despite the challenges our everyday lives can pose and our varied medical experiences.

You can listen to the podcast, and find out more about the syndrome, by visiting or follow the podcast on Facebook or Instagram.

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