How the podcast started

The Russell Silver Syndrome Podcast is the brainchild of Kim Taylor, who has been wishing to have a podcast for this rare form of Dwarfism. Joining forces with Steph Robson, who brings her background in podcasting and building websites to the project,  which has  resulted in the first series of this podcast.

Covering a range of topics the podcast gets to the heart of the challenges and issues that people with this syndrome face daily.

Behind the Podcast

Meet Your Host – Kim Taylor

Creative Content Producer, Podcast Content Creator

Kim has had the dream of making a podcast for many years and spoke with her friend Steph Robson a fellow RSS adult about making this dream a reality.  So was delighted to accept the offer from Steph to take on the technical aspect of putting the podcast together. 

She is the genius behind the website/social media production and editing of the episodes. Kim’s role as creative content co-producer involved arranging guests and all aspects that was involved with hosting the podcast series. 

Kim is the creator of the ‘(TARSS), Teens and Adults with Russell Silver Syndrome’ Facebook group which was started on 24th January 2011 and has over 330 members from all over the world.  The group offers support, friendship and the opportunity to share experiences of their lives with RSS.  The group is also very much a part of the podcast series and some members volunteered to be interviewed in episode recordings.

Kim has also received support from 2 growth foundations, (MAGIC & CGF) who also agreed to be interviewed for the podcast series.  

Kim is currently 42 years old, 4’3” approx in height. She is the only person in her family with a form of dwarfism/short stature, though she does have a distant cousin who has achondroplasia form of dwarfism. Kim lives on an island off the northern coast of Scotland in the United Kingdom and was diagnosed with the 11p15 version of Russell Silver Syndrome

Creative Content Producer-Steph Robson

Steph Robson, aka Hello Little Lady, is an emerging artist and creative practitioner using visual, written, audio and participatory practices to explore the Dwarfism community’s lived experiences.

Her debut exhibition ‘You’re Just Little’ in 2018 revealed the obstacles, challenges and societal assumptions Dwarf people face every day. The participatory elements participants from the Dwarfism community in the U.K, the U.S.A, and Australia that challenges the notion of perspective and gaze on the gallery wall.

Steph’s passion is to give a voice and the platform to the Dwarfism community through creative arts. To enable and empower Dwarf people to be in control of how their narratives and stories are published in a world that often ridicules and objectifies our bodies within society rather than showing compassion and understanding of this disability.

Her work explores the themes of accessibility, othering and the tensions between disability and society.

Steph lives in the North East of England with her daughter, husband and two exuberant kittens. She stands at 4ft 4″ (133cm) and was diagnosed with the 11p15 version of Russell Silver Syndrome.